Two of our beautiful and sweet R-Litter puppies are looking for the right home.
Serious Inquieries are welcome under
  Padparadscha´s Rolex first Choice  
  Padparadscha´s Refelection of Love  
  **~** **~** **~** **~**  
  Hurrah, Hurrah our Babiy slipped quickly on Friday 25th into the world!!
Camilly gave us three boys and three girls in different colours.
Mum and pups are doing well.
For more pictures, please follow our "Welpen" site in the mext weeks.
  **~** **~** **~** **~**  
  **~** **~** **~** **~**  
  We are back from Umag in Croatia with two new Croatian Youth Champions in lugguage !!!
Our UNO ..Karakush But Not As U Know It made both days Ex 1 with youth CAC and youth BOB !!
Our girlie Bibi ... Padparadscha´s On the Wings of Love got Ex 1, youth CAC on Saturday!
Thankyou to the judges Ramune Kaslauskaite (LT) and Hans Erhard Grüttner (DE) .
  **~** **~** **~** **~**  

We are back from IDS in Debrecen( H) 20./21.4. with two new HUNGARIAN CHAMPIONS in "the luggage"
Day one: Iceman (Vivat Sanraiz Padparadscha) got Ex 1 with CAC and res. CACIB and Padparadscha´s Miss Money Penny made Ex2 under Judge Viktor Lobakin, AZ

Day two: Iceman got EX 1 with CAC and res. CACIB again
and Money Penny won Ex 1 with CAC, CACIB and BOS under judge Dr. Zolt Molnar, RO
Both res. CACIB went into CACIB for Iceman and he fulfilled the conditions for INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION !!!

Thank you to the judges

  **~** **~** **~** **~**  
  We are so happy our UNO (Karakush But Not As U Know It ) got his first title: we have been in IDS Chemnitz last weekend and UNO won the Youth Class with Ex 1 . He has got his third Youth CAC and is now DWZRV Junior Champ.
Padparadscha´s Miss Money Penny was also successful and won her class with Ex 1,VDH CAC and is now German Champion. Many thanks to the judge Horst Kliebenstein (D)
  **~** **~** **~** **~**  
We had a double dog exhibition in Zielona Gora (PL) on weekend 23./24. March.
Padparadschas Miss Money Penny won two times the CWC and 1x BOS!
Now we have a New Polish Champion !!
Vivat Sanraiz Padparadscha won the CWC.
Thank you very much to the Judges Tomasz Kuszyk (PL) and Dorota Witkowska (PL)
  **~** **~** **~** **~**  
  Serious Inquiries are welcome  
  **~** **~** **~** **~**  
Langerwisch 26./27. Januar
 What an amazing youngster has arrived from Down Under!!
We have entered UNO ( Karakush But Not As U Know It ) to meet Karin the first time and doing exercises for the next shows and this sighthound show this weekend in Langerwisch.
And our UNO did it: Saturday with Ex 1, Best Junior Male and Junior BOB under judge A. Gelisse (NL) Same on Sunday Ex 1, Best Junior Male with Junior BOB under judge G. Ehrenreich (A) and ...
Junior Best In Show and g
ot his first Junior title in Germany ! UNO is now Junior county winner/Landesjugendsieger Berlin-Brandenburg 2019 !!!
  **~** **~** **~** **~**  
  At IDS on 20th of January 2019 in Lubin (Pl)
Padparadscha´s Miss Money Penny won her class with CWC, got the CACIB and made BOB under judge Tadeusz Chwalny (PL) Thanks to the judge !
Money Penny has now fulfilled the conditions for the Int. Championship !!
  **~** **~** **~** **~**  
Miss Money Penny Clubshow Ostercappeln unter Richter Klaus Srack
v1,VDH,CAC und vollendet ihren DWZRV Champion
  **~** **~** **~** **~**  
  Arad/Romania !!
Saturday 29.9.18 Iceman won his class with Ex1, CAC and CACIB, BOB and was Winner Group 10 and....
made BEST IN SHOW !!
Thank you to the judges Mr Cenadan Gavriel (RO) and Mr Pierluigi Buratti (IT)
Sunday 30.9.18 Iceman won again his class with Ex 1, CAC and CACIB, BOB and Winner Group 10 !!!
Thanks to the judge Mr Kelemen...

Iceman is now Romanian Champion !!
It was also Miss Moneypennys weekend!!
She´s got 3x Ex 1 with 3 CAC 2 CACIB and 3 BOS and is also Romanian Champion now! Well done little girl !!
**~** **~** **~** **~**
Dog City Bremen Germany 15.09.2018 Richter: Frau Augustyniak PL. BOB 💞 Padparadschas Legend in Time “ Dragon “
  **~** **~** **~** **~**  
  4 Rivers Winner Show in Karlovac/Croatia 8.9./9.9 2018
Iceman (Vivat Sanraiz Padparadscha ) completed his Croatian Champion!!
On 9.9.2018 he made Ex 1, CAC and res. CACIB under judge Kitty Sjong (DK)
  **~** **~** **~** **~**  
  26.8.18 in Münster
Padparadscha´s Miss Money Penny won her class with Ex1 VDH and CAC and BOS
under judge Adam Ostrowski(PL). Thank you !!
Thanks a lot to Sonja Heppe for the photo !!
  **~** **~** **~** **~**  
  Gosh...what a day again !!! We have been in IDS Szczecin (Poland) on Sat. 30.6.2018😍
with our couple Penny and Icemann.
Money Penny (Padpardscha´s Miss Money Penny won the class with Ex 1 CWC and got CACIB
😜 and was BOS
Iceman (Vivat Sanraiz Padparadscha ) has also got his Ex 1 CWC and CACIB with BOB and was BIG 2 !!! We are so proud!! Thanks to the judge Roland Spörr
  **~** **~** **~** **~**  

2./3. of June in Umag/ Croatia
on Saturday Iceman (Vivat Sanraiz Padparadscha ) got V
and Money Penny (Padparadscha´s Miss Money Penny) V1, CAC, CACIB and BOS
under judge Sandra Terzic(HR)
and on Sunday under judge Colm Hastings/ Irl. Iceman made V1, CAC and res.CACIB
and Penny got V1,CAC, CACIB and was placed third in Group X!

  **~** **~** **~** **~**  
Varazdin/Croatia on 26./27.May
 Dragon(Padparadscha´s Legend in Time ) has got his last CAC at Special Sighthound Show and is now Croatian Champion.
Thanks to judge Maja Cosic.
Iceman(Vivat Sanraiz Padparadscha ) got on both days the CAC and on Sunday CACIB and BOB!
Money Penny (Padparadscha´s Miss Money Penny ) won on both days CAC, CACIB and BOS.
  **~** **~** **~** **~**  

We are so proud on our Youngster in the gang !!!
Iceman ( Vivat Sanraiz Padparadscha) was very successful in IDS Ceske Budejovice (CZ) on Sunday 22.4.2018..
he won his Intermedia Class Ex 1, CAC, CACIB BOB and was winner in Group 10 !!

Thank you to the judge Roland Spörr(A)

  **~** **~** **~** **~**  

Our "gang" made us again feeling happy and successful weekend!!
We have been in Debrecen/HU.. 14./15.4.2018
Dragon ( Padparadscha´s Legend in Time) got V1, CAC, CACIB and BOS and

fullfilled the conditions for the Internationalen Champion !!

Iceman (Vivat Sanraiz Padparadscha) got V1, CAC and res. CACIB both days.
Well done guys !!!
Thank you to the judges Korozs,Andras und Vojtekova ,Iveta

  **~** **~** **~** **~**  
We have been in Erfurt and had a lovely and successful weekend again:
Saturday, 17.2.2018 under Judge Juan Miranda Saucedo from Mecico
Dragon, Padparadscha´s Legend in Time got V1, CAC, VDH and BOS
and is now Steigerwaldwinner and DAC County Winner East
Iceman, Vivat Sanraiz Padparadscha got V1, CAC and VDH.
Money Penny, Padparadscha´s Miss Money Penny was second in class V2 with Res.CAC and Res. VDH
Sunday, 18.2.2018 under Judge  Gisa Schicker /DE
Dragon was again V1, CAC, VDH, BOS with the title Winner Erfurt 2018
Iceman also won his class with V1, CAC, VDH
Money Penny again got the second with V2 Res. CAC and Res. VDH
  **~** **~** **~** **~**  
  International Show Nürnberg, Padparadscha´s Miss Money Penny, V1-CAC, VDH-CACIB, BOS
Judge Mr. Stefan Sinko... Padparadscha´s Legend in Time V1, CAC-VDH. He is now German Champion VDH
  **~** **~** **~** **~**  
  In Leipzig on 8th of November 2017 our Iceman (Vivat Sanraiz Padparadscha) was shown under Mr.Dr.Abderrahim El Baroudi (MAR) and brought home Ex 1 and the title GERMAN JUNIOR WINNER  !!!  
  **~** **~** **~** **~**  
Tapfheim, 16.Sept 2017
Iceman (Vivat Sanraiz Padparadscha) made Ex 1 and got his last JCAC what he needed to finish the German Junior Champion!! He made JuniorBOB and is County Junior Winner (Landesjugendsieger) Südbayern !!
  **~** **~** **~** **~**  

What an amazing Girl:
our Padparadschas Keep on Running finished her active and successful Show Career at Double CACIB Show on 9.9. and 10.9.2017 in Hödmezövasarhely (H) .
Both days Camilla got Ex 1 CAC and res.CACIB on Sunday and is now Hungarian Champion. Beside the International Champion she is Champion in several European Countries! Thank you so much Camilla !!
Miss MoneyPenny got also Ex 1 on both days... on Sat CAC, CACIB and BOS !!! and on Sunday the CAC

.Vivat Sanraiz Padparadscha brought home on both days the Junior CAC and Junior BOB !!

  **~** **~** **~** **~**  
  Saturday in Trautskirchen,
Iceman (Vivat Sanraiz Padparadscha) did it again : V1, Junior CAC,Junior BOB and Junior BIS !!
Dragon ( Padparadscha´s Legend in Time) got v1,with CAC, BOB and res.BIS !!
  **~** **~** **~** **~**  

Landessieger Ausstellung Niedersachsen/Sachsen-Anhalt in Greppin on 26.8.2017
OMG what a day.... we are so thrilled!!
First time in Intermediate Class Padparadscha`s MISS MONEY PENNY got V1, VDH CAC, CAC, BOS and also got the special title Landessieger !!!
Padparadscha´s MAN IN BLACK made V1 with Jgd CAC, JgdVDH and is Landesjugendsieger.

  **~** **~** **~** **~**  

Zehlendorf 6th of August ...Padparadschas Youngsters have been successful.
Our Penny won in her class V1, JuniorCAC, JuniorVDH and JuniorBOB...
also her full brother Padparadscha´s Man in Black (owner T.Hofmann) was successful on what we are very proud too!!

Both youngsters were awarded the national title Landesjugendsieger Berlin-Brandenburg 2017.
Thankyou to the judge T.Kuszyk (PL)

  **~** **~** **~** **~**  
The Royal Crown Trophy Dog Show on 29./30. of July in Alba lulia Romania
was a very successful weekend for our Gang!
Iceman (Vivat Sanraiz Padparadscha)is now Romanian Junior Champion, Dragon (Padparadscha´s Legend in Time) got the title Romanian Champion and Camilla (Padparadscha´s Keep on Running) is also Romanian Champion and finished her International Champion on this day!!
Thank you so much to the judges Calin Simo(RO), Barbara Müller (CH) and Marja Talvitie (FI)
On fir
st day ..Iceman got Junior BOB and made Junior Best In Show Group No 10 !! Oh what a day ...we are soo proud !!!
  **~** **~** **~** **~**  
  NDS in Schloss Meisdorf on Saturday 1st of July ... we have been there:
Vivat Sanraiz Padparadscha won the youth class with V1 Youth CAC,Youth VDH, Youth BOB and BOB over the adults... and later he made 3rd Junior BIS !! Iceman is 11 months young!
Padparadschas Legend in Time won his class with V1 CAC and Best Male
Padparadschas Miss Money Penny also won her class with V1 Youth CAC and finished the VDH Youth Champion and got also Youth Champion!!!
  **~** **~** **~** **~**  
  weekend in Szekesfehavar (HU) and Karin had a lot to do
First day : Padparadscha´s Miss Money Penny won her Class V1 with Youth CAC and BOS under judge Miklos Levente and is now Hungarian Youth Champion!!
Padparadscha's Legend in Time "Dragon" got won his Class V1, CAC and res. CACIB
  **~** **~** **~** **~**  
  We are back home from exibition in UMAG(HR) on 3rd and 4th of June with two brand new Youth Champions in luggage !!!
Saturday under Nina Kharatishvili (RUS) Vivat Sanraiz Padparadscha (Iceman )got V1, Youth CAC...Padparadscha´s Miss Money Penny also V1, Youth CAC with Youth BOB and Padparadscha´s Legend in Time (Dragon) V1,CAC,CACIB and BOS.
Sunday under Zlatko Kralic (HR) Iceman got V1,YouthCAC with Youth BOB ,Penny V1 Youth CAC and Dragon V1,CAC ,res.CACIB
  **~** **~** **~** **~**  
  This weekend in Varazdin/Croatia
we have been successful again: on Saturday Padparadscha´s Miss Money Penny V1 and Youth CAC., Vivat Sanraiz Padparadscha V1,Youth CAC and Youth BOB, Padparadscha´s Legend in Time V2
on Sunday Padparadscha´s Legend in Time V1, CAC and CACIB , Padparadscha´s Miss Money Penny V1 Youth CAC and Vivat Sanraiz Padparadscha V1, Youth CAC, Youth BOB and BOS
  **~** **~** **~** **~**  
  A big WOW to our black sweetie :
on 8th of April in Tapfheim has won in junior class Miss Penny(Padparadscha´s Miss Money Penny) V1,Junior CAC, Junior BOB and...Junior BIS under Judge Roland Spörr (A) and at IDS in Chemnitz on Sunday the 9th of April under Judge Elmar Sistermann (D) V1 and Junior CAC. . Miss Penny is now allowed to be called DWZRV Junior Champion.
  **~** **~** **~** **~**  
  What a 1st of April this year!!
After nearly 6 years being a pet at home our Beach (Padparadscha´s Brisbane Beach Boy) was entered on Sighthound Show in Hildesheim.. and he made Veteran BIS !! We are so proud on our nearly 10 years young boy!!
  **~** **~** **~** **~**  
  Sunday the 5th March on International Dog Show in Zielona Gora (PL)...Dragon did it again....out of Intermediate Class
He got CWC,CACIB and made BOB
Thank you to the judge Tomasz Kuszyk
  **~** **~** **~** **~**  

WOW... what a weekend and successful finishing of the Youth Class!!
Dragon(Padparadscha´s Legend in Time ) was
on International Dog Show in Poznan
at 29 and 30 October.
On first day he wins Youth CWC and Youth BOB under respected judge Rui Oliveira
(PT) and fulfilled the Polish Youth Champion,
on Sunday he was winning again the Youth Class with Youth BOB
under respected judge Kazimierz Rychlik (PL) and is now Poland Youth Winner Poznan 2016
and again Crufts qualified....

A big Thank You to the judges.... and as always huge hugs to our friend Karin !!
You make us so proud, thanks Karin !!!!

  **~** **~** **~** **~**  

On first of October in Tulln (Austria) under Zilli Orietta (I)
Dragon (Padparadscha´s Legend In Time) wins the Junior Class
and is now Middle East Europian Junior Winner...this title allows us to show him at Crufts !!
We are so proud !! And as always many kisses to Karin Hoffmann, Thank You !!

  **~** **~** **~** **~**  
Two of our youngsters still looking for thei´re
new forever home as a pet or as Showdog.
They have an outgoing temperament and an absolutely
georgous movement. For more Informations about these two
sweethearts please send us a E-Mail
  **~** **~** **~** **~**
  Padparadscha´s Mr. Moonlight ( Moon)  
  Padparadscha´s Dreams come true ( Truly)  
  **~** **~** **~** **~**  
  Yeah, Dragon did it. He finished at CAC-Show in Zehlendorf
his German Junior Champion and DWZRV Junior Champion
in style by winning. Exc.1, J-CAC, J-BOB and J-BIS
under Mr. Spörr (AT). We are over the moon about
this stunning boy.
  **~** **~** **~** **~**  
  We got again great News. At CAC-Show in Klaffenbach our lovely
Camilla finished her German Champion and DWZRV Champion
in style by winning Exc.1, CAC and BOS. Many thanks
to Karin for the great handling.
  **~** **~** **~** **~**  
  At the 9/10.07. we was in Meisdorf. Dragon got Exc.1, J-CAC,J-BOB and new
Juniorwinner und Mrs. Linda Reinelt-Gebauer. And on second day Exc.1, J-CACbr>and J-BOB under Mr. Stefan Sinko he finished also his german
Junior Champion VDH. And our Camilla made us proud by winning
EExc1, CAC, BOB and ended the day with BOG 2.
**~** **~** **~** **~**
  **~** **~** **~** **~**  
  **~** **~** **~** **~**  
  On Showweekend 25/26.06 we visit CAC Show in Eilenburg where Dragon got
Exc.1, J-CAC and Jr. BOB and later Junior BIS under sighthound specialist
Mr. Robert Blümel.
And on the second day this weekend we visit Sczeczin and again our
Dragon did well. Exc.1, J-CWC and J-BOB, Italy did her best by winning
Exc.1, CWC and BOS.
  **~** **~** **~** **~**  

So time for some lovely news.
We where part of the National Show in Erfurt 18.06.
where Italy (Xantudd´s Break Your Heart)  got Exc.1 CAC, VDH-CAC and BOS
under Mr. R. Bartusch

At the second day under Judge Mrs. Ute Lennartz
Dragon got Exc.1, J-CAC and J-VDH.

  **~** **~** **~** **~** 
  So now it´s time to share our Show News from the past weeks.
Our team where out for some shows in Croatia.
First Show was in Varazdin 28/29.05
Our Youngster Dragon won on his very first Show under respected judge
and breed specialist Mr. Darko Petreski, Junior CAC, best male
and BOB with only 9 month and on second day the same
with Group 1. And our lovely Girl Camilla
got on both days CAC, CACIB and BOS to Dragon.

And at the weekend 04/05.06
The Team was in Umag (Croatia)
Where Camilla wins both days CAC, CACIB and BOB
and Dragon finished his Croatian Junior Champion in style
by winning JCAC.
  **~** **~** **~** **~**  
  We got some beautiful Puppies
after Barak Kharans Ajax and Padparadscha´s French Kiss.
Serious Inquiries are welcome per E-Mail.
  **~** **~** **~** **~**  
  Camilla (Padparadscha´s Keep on Running) got at Int. Show in Zielona Gora (PL)
out of Open Class CWC,CACIB,BOB
and Italy(Xantudd´s Break your Heart )won Intermedia Class
with CWC and Res. CACIB Camilla finished her day with 3rd winner in group!!!
Thank you to the judge Boguslawa Szydtowicz- Polanczyk (PL)
  **~** **~** **~** **~**  
  **~** **~** **~** **~**  
  Our beautiful puppies are looking for the right home in the middle of october.
Serious Inquiries are welcome. We have puppies in different colors.
For more Informations please write E-Mail
and for more pictures look at ou "Welpen" page
  **~** **~** **~** **~**  
  Our beautiful Puppies arrived at 10.08.15
Mum and Puppies are doing very well.
Serious Inquiries are very welcome
  **~** **~** **~** **~**  
  **~** **~** **~** **~**  
  Yes... at Intern. DogShow Saarbrücken. Our little girl Camilla
got exc.1, J-CAC
, Junior BOB and the title Saarlandjugensiegerin
under honorable judge Mr. Rainer Jacobs.
And on the Nat. Show on Sunday she got once again Exc.1, J-CAC, Junior BOB
and finished her German Junior Champion VDH, Junior Champion DWZRV
 in style under Mr. Tomasz Kuszyk.
We are so proud of our girl and have to say once again Thank You to Karin for the great Handling.
  **~** **~** **~** **~**  
  Woooow what a great weekend for Padparadscha´s Afghan´s.
Our sweet boy Padparadscha´s Happenz High Voltage ( Connor)
got at Clubshow in Zehlendorf Exc.1, CAC, BOB and later
at BIS Competition he became under Mr Levente and Mr.Spörr BIS1.
Many thanks to the judges and to Karin. We are really over the moon
  **~** **~** **~** **~**  

Yeah! ... Our beautiful Girl Padparadscha's Keep on Running "Camilla"
won yesterday at the Easter Show in Hoope under sigthound-specialist Mr. Olaf Knauber
her third Jgd. CAC and now she is with 12 months DWZRV Youth Champion!
We are very proud!
And our Connor got Exc.2 in open class.
Special thanks to Karin Hoffmann for the nice handling of our dogs

  **~** **~** **~** **~**  
Yes another great Showweekend for
Marvin (Padparadscha´s Catch me if you can). On CACIB-Show in
Zielona Gora he got EXC.1, CWC, CACIB, BOB and won BIG1.
We are so proud. Many thanks to Astrid for great Handling.
  **~** **~** **~** **~**  
Great News from CAC-Show in Langerwisch. Our young girl
Camilla (Padparadscha´s Keep on Running) won in junior class
Exc.1 and Junior-CAC. And Marwin
(Padparadscha´s Catch me if you can) became the first
day Exc.1, CAC and BOS and second day Exc.1 CAC and BOB.
Thank you Astrid for great care and super handling from Marwin.
  **~** **~** **~** **~**  
  Shownews from CACIB-Show Nürnberg. Our beautiful Camilla
(Padparadscha´s keep on runnung)
got on her first Show in Nürnberg Exc.1 Jgd.CAC
and VDH-Jgd. CAC. We are so proud of our little girl.
Keep on running little Camilla
  **~** **~** **~** **~**  
This lovely young girl is looking for her new home.
Our Smiley is out of Richlyns silver Cloud of Elmo and Padparadscha´s Absolutly Beautyful.
She was born in march 2014. For more Informations about this sweetheart
please call us or write us a E-Mail.
  **~** **~** **~** **~**  
  **~** **~** **~** **~**  
  Some of our beautiful puppies are looking for the right home.
For more Infos please write us an E-Mail.
  **~** **~** **~** **~**  
  Yes, great day for Padparadscha´s at the CACIB-Show in Umag (Croatia)
Padparadscha´s Guess I´m Amazing (Motzi) finished today her Croatian Ch.
in style with Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB and BIG1.
Many congrats to her handlerin Karin. We are so proud of you two.
  **~** **~** **~** **~**  
  Padparadscha´s Joe Cocker
(Int. Ch. MCH. Richlyn´s Silver Cloud of Elmo x Jorog´z Domino Moonkist)
  Padparadschas Joe Cocker. This lovely boy is looking for a new show- or pethome.
He is a real darling with an very lovely character.
For more Informations about this sweetheart, please send us an E-Mail.
  **~** **~** **~** **~**  
  Some of our Puppies are looking for a new show or pethome.
Serious Inquiries are very welcome.
  **~** **~** **~** **~**  
  We are so proud of our Girl Padparadscha´s Guess I´m Amazing (Motzi). At International dogshow in Varazdin (Croatia) She went on Saturday Exc.1, CAC and res. CACIB and today she got Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB and crowned the day with BOG3. Many thanks to all involved and to the judges Mr. Peter Harsanyi (H) and Mrs. Cathy Delmar (Irl) for thinking so highly about our dogs. Especially thanks to our handler Karin Hoffmann.  
  **~** **~** **~** **~**  
  New Pictures from our puppies under "Welpen"  
  **~** **~** **~** **~**  
  Another fabulous weekend for Padparadscha´s Afghans.
At CAC- Show in Großenaspe Padparadscha´s Catch me if you can got
Exc.1, CAC and BOB. And at International CACIB-Show
in Salzburg (AT) won Padparadscha´s Heartbeat the Intermediate class
with Exc.1, CACA. Padparadscha´s In Champagne Mood got
Exc.2 in junior class and Padparadscha´s Guess I´m Amazing
made the weekend perfect by winning Exc.1, CACA, CACIB, BOB
over Champions and later she went BIG3.
Many thanks to all involved and also to the judges.
  **~** **~** **~** **~**  
  Our Puppys are now 10 days old more on "Welpen"  
  **~** **~** **~** **~**  
  **~** **~** **~** **~**  
  On Wednesday our Jolah (Padparadschas Absolutly Beautyful)
gave us 10 beautiful puppies. 5 males and 5 females.
Mom and puppies are all healthy and doing well.
  **~** **~** **~** **~**  
We got this wonderful Picture from Alexandra & Chris.
They made it at CAC-Show in Langerwisch. There are 8 Afghans from 6 litters
all from Padparadschas. From left to right: Catch Me if you can "Marwin",
Dancing Shadow "Shadow", Joe Cocker "Joey", Heartbeat "Beachy",
In Champagne Mood "Chelsea", Guess I´m Amazing "Motzi",
French Kiss "Kissy", Journey of Jalina "Lina"
Thanks for this beautiful Picture.
  **~** **~** **~** **~**  
Padparadschas did it again. At CAC-Show in Langerwisch Padparadschas
Heartbeat got in a strong Intermediate class Exc.3.
Padparadschas In Champagne Mood (Chelsea) Junior class Exc.2 res. J-CAC.
And Padparadschas Catch me if you can (Marwin) won the Champion class
and got BOB. Later he went BEST IN SHOW. We are so proud
of our Afghans.
**~** **~** **~** **~**
Puppies expect in March 2014
**~** **~** **~** **~**
  Yes another great day for Padparadscha´s. At CACIB-Show Glogow (Poland)
Padparadscha´s Dancing Shadow Exc.1, CACIB, BOB and BIG3.
Padparadscha´s Guess I´m Amazing Exc.1, CACIB and BOS.
Now Motzi (Padparadscha´s Guess I´m Amazing) is in waiting time for her
German and International Champion.
  **~** **~** **~** **~**  
  Great Start for Padparadscha´s in 2014.
At the international CACIB-Show in Nürnberg our dogs doing very well.
Padparadscha´s Heartbeat got in Intermediate class Exc.1, VDH-CAC and res. CACIB.
Padparadscha´s In Champagne Mood first time out in junior class got Exc.3 and our
Motzi (Padparadscha´s Guess I´m Amazing) got in Intermediate class Exc.1 VDH-CAC and res. CACIB.
  **~** **~** **~** **~**  
Neuer Internationaler und Tschechischer Champion
Richlyn´s Silver Cloud of Elmo
**~** **~** **~** **~**
German Junior Winner Leipzig 2013
Padparadscha´s Guess I´m Amazing
**~** **~** **~** **~**
Puppies with three weeks...
more under Welpen
**~** **~** **~** **~**
....Leroy won BOB and runner up Group No 10 in Gorzow (PL) under Judge Grazyna Pindera !
**~** **~** **~** **~**
We are full of joy to announce the arrival of our colored American Babies.
Mom is well and very happy !!!!
**~** **~** **~** **~**
Bald gibt es Nachwuchs !
**~** **~** **~** **~**
Finally arrived..... the amazing litter from Richlyn´s Silver Cloud of Elmo and
Padparadscha´s Bisquit N´Champagne.
Our babies ,5 boys and 1 girl, are born on Sunday 7th of April.

more pics under Welpen...
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these lovely kids are available to loving home..
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Flash !!!..neue Welpenbilder mit 16 Wochen online ...
26.8. Debrecen (HU)
Richlyn´s Silver Cloud of Elmo “Leroy”

Padparadscha´s French Kiss “Kiss Kiss”
Richter : Christian Stavake (RO)
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25.08.2012 Debrecen (HU)
Richlyn´s Silver Cloud of Elmo “Leroy”
Padparadscha´s French Kiss “Kiss Kiss”
unter Richter Dr. Molnar Zslot (RO)
Danke Karin !!!
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25.8.2012 Mlada Boleslav (CZ)
Padparadscha´s Dancing Shadow , offene Klasse V! CAC CACIB
Padparadscha´s Catch me if yuo can ,Championklasse V1 CAC res. CACIB hat sein 4.CAC und ist damit Tschechischer Champion.
Richter Herr Pocas Joao Vasco aus POR
Besitzer . Astrid Wildekopf
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8.7.2012 Meisdorf
adparadscha´s Dancing Shadow offene Klasse V1 VDH CAC , BOS
Padparadscha´s Catch me if you can Championklasse V1 , VDH CAC
Richterin Frau Ludmilla Finterova SK.
Besitzer .Astrid Wildekopf
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7.7.2012 Meisdorf
Padparadschas Dancing Shadow , offene Klasse V1 VDH und CAC
Padparadschas Catch me if you can , Championklasse V1 VDH CAC BOB Landessieger-Ost
Richter Herr Otokar Vondraus CZ
Besitzer . Astrid Wildekopf
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Wir sind nicht nur schön.....
Padparadscha´s Enjoy Me “Joey”
Pictures by Armin Hauke
Besitzer: Andrea Dreisigacker
Renn /Coursingergebnisse mit Schönheit & Leistung
10.06. 2012 Coursing Ingolstadt 3. Platz
Joey erhält den Preis für S&L
03.06.2012 Freiburg – Grand Prix D´Europe 2012 –Rennen 4. Platz
Joey erhält den Preis für Schönheit & Leistung
27.05.2012 Bermatingen Rennen 2. Platz
15.04. 2012 Solitude- Rennen + 1. DWZRVSieger-Rennen 3. Platz
Joey erhält den Preis für Schönheit & Leistung in Verbindung mit der Ausstellung
08.04.2012 Mertingen – Solorennen 1.Platz
05.11.2011 Lorch Landessiegerrennen Baden-Württemberg 2. Platz
24.10.2011 Oberhausen Rennen 4. Platz
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Neuer Amerikanischer Grandchampion
Padparadscha´s Easy Running

Besitzer und Handler : Deanne Reiser ,USA

Shown very sparingly while waiting for this young
two year old dog to mature,
Easy is making it look so easy.
Winning Best of Breed over large Specials entries
Owner Handled as always

Thank you to the following Judges for acknowledging
this elegant yet powerful standard sized young dog.
Mrs. Patricia Trotter-GROUP 4- Flagstaff Kennel Club
Mrs. Patricia Trotter- Best of Breed- Flagstaff Kennel Club 4 pts
Mrs. Valerie Hamilton-Best of Breed-Canada Del Oro Kennel Club 5 pts
Mr. Luc Boileau- Best of Breed-Kachina Kennel Club 5 pts
Mrs. Elaine Young- Best of Breed-Arrowhead kennel Club 5 pts
Mrs. Susan St. John Brown- Select Dog-Kachina Kennel Club
Ms. Rosemarie Crandahl- Select Dog-Arrowhead Kennel Club

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am 03.06.2012 in Dresden-Gröditz erhielt
Padparadscha´s Dancing Shadow
Besitzer Astrid Wildekopf, V1/ VDH /CAC /Bester Rüde und BOB Richter
Herr Sistermann und bei Richterin Frau Piesik
gewann er das Best in Show!!!!!!